Accident Medical Plan (AMP) with Critical Illness

This policy pays covered medical expenses (after any adjustment and discounts from providers) incurred due to medical treatment that begins within 7 days of the accident causing the injury, less the deductible up to the maximum amount each calendar year.

  • $100.00 deductible per individual per calendar year
  • $200.00 deductible per family per calendar year

Critical Illness

The amount is paid once during the lifetime of the covered person for each covered critical illness (heart attack, invasive cancer, or stroke) incurred.

Maximum Amount

At issue, the insured selects the maximum amount payable. The minimum is $5,000.00 with $5,000 increments up to a maximum of $25,000. After age 64 benefits reduce by 50%. Critical illness is a lifetime benefit for each covered person.

  • The policy is guaranteed renewable to age 70.
  • There is no cash value on this policy.

We are currently licensed to sell the AMP in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska and Arizona.

Did You Know?

Nearly 1.3 million people suffer a Heart Attack each year in the U.S. The annual total cost of cardiovascular disease and stroke in the U.S is an estimated $297.7 billion.*

*Source Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics -2012 update: A report from the American Heart Association, Circulation, 2012