Cancer Insurance (CA-CV1)

Hospital Benefit

Cash benefits are paid for each day an insured is hospitalized due to cancer.

After Hospital Disability

We will pay up to 2 days of total disability for each day hospitalized due to cancer.

Outpatient Benefit

We will pay each day you receive one or more outpatient treatements for surgery, cobalt or x-ray therepy, chemotherapy injections, and blood transfusions.

Return of Premium Benefit

If you surrender your policy, a percentage of your total premiums, paid, less claims or policy loans will be paid back to you. At 25 years the percentage is 100%.

This policy is sold in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, and Nevada.

Did You Know?

The lifetime probability of developing cancer for men is 1-in-2. For women, the probability is 1-in-3.*

* Source: “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics - Update: A Report from the American Heart Association”. Circulation, 2012. These facts represent the U.S. population, are presented for information only, and do not imply coverage under the policy/certificate nor endorsement by the American Heart Association.