Cancer Protection

It is important to think about the different type of care you will need related to your cancer journey.

The right time to consider cancer insurance is when you are in good health.

First Occurrence Benefit

Surety Life’s Cancer Protection starts with a one-time lump sum cash benefit when you are diagnosed with internal cancer. The amount increases 20% of the original amount each year for 10 years or until paid.

Hospital Benefit

Surety Life will pay the benefit level chosen each day you are in the hospital due to cancer. We will also pay you one half your Inpatient benefit for each day you receive Outpatient treatments for your cancer. Maximum lifetime benefit of 500 days.

Disability Benefit

Up to 2 days of total disability will be paid for each day you are hospitalized due to cancer. The daily amount will be one half of your in-patient hospital benefit.

These benefits will pay for all types of costs related to your cancer such as:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Family and living expenses
  • Cancer treatment
  • Caregiving, at-home care, long-term care
  • Medication
  • Employment, legal and financial issues
  • Transportation and travel
  • Protecting your life savings and investments

The idea is surviving the cancer… and then surviving the financial impact!

  • Benefits are paid directly to you regardless of any other insurance you may have.
  • Benefits are available in monetary units from 1 to 8 to fit your budget.
  • Issue Ages: 0-74.
  • Eligible Persons: You, your spouse and any dependent children.
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable for life.
Units First Occurrence Benefit Hospital Benefit Disability Benefit

Amy Chose

8 Units


Increases by 20% each year for 10 years, maximum benefit of


Inpatient benefit : $800 per day

Outpatient benefit : $400 per day

$400 per day

Up to 2 days of disability for every day you are hospitalized

How it works

Amy’s story

When Amy was age 42, she started Surety’s Cancer Protection Plan knowing she was at a high risk for cancer due to her family history. Her Premium is $41.60 a month. Now at age 55, she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and had a difficult surgery. After healing from surgery, she started her daily radiation therapy for 5 weeks. She had a great outcome but still had to take time off work to recover. Surety Life sent her $31,600 from her Cancer Protection Plan to help cover the cost.

Monetary Units explained

Units range from 1 to 8: Premium rates are listed on the back of the brochure and are multiplied by the monetary unit you choose.                         Visit with your agent for details.


First Occurrence Benefit:    1 unit is equal to $500

The amount increases 20% of the original amount each year for 10 years or until paid.

 Inpatient Benefit:                   1 unit is equal to $100

Outpatient Benefit:                1 unit is equal to $50

Disability Benefit:                  1 unit is equal to $50

Premiums are rates are listed on the back of the brochure and are multiplied by the monetary units chosen.

woman smiling

Monthly Premium : $41.60


First Occurrence Benefit : $12,000
6 Days Inpatient Hospital Benefit : $4,800
25 Days Outpatient Treatment : $10,000
12 Days Disability Benefit : $4,800

Total Amount From Surety :


Return of Premium Benefit

Should you decide to surrender your policy a percentage of your total premiums paid, less claims or policy loans, will be paid back to you.

Year 5 Year 9 Year 16 Year 20 Year 25+
12% 25% 50% 70% 100%

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